What are the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards?

The Energy Act 2011 contains several provisions which will affect owners and occupiers of property.
Probably most significant are the proposed minimum energy standards.

MEES Compliance

From April 2018, the proposed legislative changes would make it unlawful to let residential or commercial properties with an EPC Rating of F or G (i.e. the lowest 2 grades of energy efficiency).

Data from the national EPC register indicates that 18 per cent of commercial stock has EPC ratings of F or G and another 20% are rated E. The regulations will apply from the 1st April 2018.

The measures to improve the rating must be cost effective. Simply, the cost for installing the measures must be less than it will save over a 7 year period. We can help.

Be proactive not reactive

The onus is on Landlords. If you have a large or small portfolio contact us to see if your properties will meet this new criteria. We will analyse your property and also help you make cost effective improvements.

Sales are not caught by the legislation; only leases. By 2023 all Leases will be included. Current and New. This will increase the demand for EPC’s. Be proactive not reactive, this could have a huge financial impact, start planning now.


Complete the EPC

Attend site and completed the desk-based computer model as normal together with the recommendations to improve the energy efficiency of the building.

Analyse the EPC

The EPC will be thoroughly checked and if it achieves an; A – E it will be lodged as normal. If it achieves an; F or G, you will be informed, and then next part of the assessment can be discussed.

MEES Report

Once you have agreed for further analysis we will upload your EPC onto Arbnco’s platform for them to analyse the recommendations made in the EPC

Highlight 7 Years Savings

The report highlights cost-effective savings over a 7-year period. If the cost for installing a measure to improve the building’s energy performance is less than the 7-year saving, then these will have to be installed. If not, then then can be exempt from being installed.


If a boiler saves the occupant £3000 over a 7-year period, but costs £3001 or higher. EXEMPT

If a boiler saves the occupant £3000 over a 7-year period, but costs £2999 or lower. NOT EXEMPT

Provide quotes

For an exemption to comply with the regulations, a minimum of 3 quotations are required. For the cost-effective measure to be installed it must be less than the 7-year saving. See example

Finish EPC

If some of elements have been installed to increase the energy performance of the building our assessor will revisit to check to validate the measure installed in the building.

The EPC can be finished and if an exemption is required the EPC will be lodged together with the MEES report and the quotations to the government’s exemption website.

ARBN Consult.

Designed for MEES compliance.

Taking the data file behind any commercial
EPC, the software can generate a fully
costed improvement report,detailing
carbon, cost and energy savings potential
and impact on the resulting energy rating.


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